About us

Welcome to Calvary Chapel 242

Verse-by-verse teaching of the Bible is distinctive of Calvary Chapel.  We welcome you to fellowship with us and be a part of a body of believers committed to the truth and teaching of God’s Word. We sincerely hope that our intimate worship services and in-depth Bible study will bring you to a saving knowledge or a closer relationship with our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What is Calvary Chapel 242?

Calvary Chapel 242 is a non-denominational Christian church affiliated with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, which began in 1965 in Costa Mesa, California.

At Calvary Chapel 242, we emphasize the teaching of the Word verse by verse study of the Bible and an open heart to the work of the Holy Spirit as essential. This balance makes Calvary Chapel a distinct and uniquely blessed movement of God.

What To Expect


We begin our services with a short time to share announcements and news with the fellowship. Announcements keep family and friends informed on what’s happening in our church. Sit back, relax, and see what God is doing at Calvary Chapel 242.


Following announcements is a time of worship through music and singing. You’ll notice that most of the music is contemporary in style and arrangement with a blend of traditional hymns. Our focus is to offer our worship and praises to God.

The Morning Message

Part of the mission of Calvary Chapel 242 is the simple and straightforward study of the Bible. We typically cover an entire book over several months, progressing chapter by chapter, verse by verse, keeping the Word in context. We occasionally address topics that relate to the Christian life during special seasons of the year or times of need in the life of our church.

Prayer and Fellowship

We offer prayer after each service. Pastor Rey is always available to pray with you when you have needs and provide biblically-based guidance.
It is essential at Calvary Chapel 242 that our Sunday services not be a meaningless habit.  The church is not a building; it is people who share a common faith, mission, and destiny within a supportive community

We can’t change you, but God’s Word can!  We invite you to come to grow with us in God’s Word and becoming Christlike!