Vision Statement
The church’s worship ministry commits to passionate, hard-working ministry servants living passionately for Christ in a sinful world without compromising God’s values. Contemporary worship music continues the patterns of living worship that enhance without contradicting the riches of the past, bringing participants into an encounter with God. The ever-changing contemporary music relates to and matures the follower of Jesus Christ today. Worship avoids the motions of worship and claims the heart of worship. Worship celebrates God’s nearness and transcendence through a culturally relatable worship style. Through modern songs of thanksgiving, celebration, adoration, lamentation, reflection, and love, people meet with God in freshness and abundant life. An atmosphere powered by the Holy Spirit offers up individual and corporate expression of joy and intimate praise to a great and awesome Holy God. 
Mission Statement
God dramatically desires to interact with his people through the loving language of worship that engages the hearts of every generation to become Christlike. Worship must be biblical, honest in spirit and truth, and address cultural issues so that the lost and all peoples come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Worship celebrates the Creator of the universe and declares that we inherit the Kingdom of Heaven only through Christ. Worship is true to the gospel before it is true to the culture. Worship permeates culture with the living truth of Jesus Christ.